New Mail

Delivery service "New Mail". Track the status of the parcel Sending is carried out by cash on delivery or by prepayment to the PrivatBank card. The recipient is obliged to have a passport with him and know the number of the declaration, information about which we provide by SMS after sending. Orders for which the amount to be paid exceeds UAH 599 are carried out at the expense of the store.


"Ukrposhta". Payment is made upon receipt, or by prepayment to a PrivatBank card, the cost of shipping and packaging is included in the payment. An order weighing up to 1.5 kg is sent by a valuable parcel, over 1.5 kg - by a valuable package. Shipping rates can be calculated here . Please note that Ukrposhta also pays for the storage of the parcel (after you receive a repeated notification).

The package is stored in the department for 7 days, after which it is automatically sent to us. Please do not forget to pick up your parcels on time. After sending, we tell you the parcel code so that you can trace its location by address. The shipping cost includes: payment for the goods, payment by weight of the shipment and insurance. Orders over 599 UAH sent without shipping charges

Free shipping condition

For orders over 599 hryvnia, delivery is free, at the expense of the store. Moreover, regardless of the delivery method you choose ("Courier in Kiev", "New Mail", "Ukrposhta"), orders over 599 UAH are delivered free of charge .